Research Areas

Feminist Philosophy

Assiter’s interests range over feminist epistemology, feminist ‘modernism’ and ‘love’ in the work of Kierkegaard. She is particularly interested in Kierkegaard’s ‘critique’ of Kantian ethics and in his taking on, even if ironically, the role of ‘victim’.

Assiter has also worked on the connection between the work of Louis Althusser and feminism

Feminist Theory

Assiter has written about feminist political concerns including pornography and identity issues.

Political Philosophy

Assiter’s latest book offers a critique of liberal political philosophy. It gives a reading of Kierkegaard that suggests a different approach to political concerns, focusing primarily on needs and love rather than rights and autonomy.

Teaching and Learning Issues

Assiter has also written about issues in teaching and learning in her books Transferable Skills in HE and Profiling in HE.